Friday, May 18, 2012

The Stav, My Last Dive

My very last day scuba diving in Barbados was spent with my mother, father and their scuba diving club. I had a great time meeting all the character of Barbados Badass. That day we went to a wreck dive called The Stav. It is an old Russian ship that was purposely sunk for the purpose of wreck diving. The clarity of the water that day was amazing. My photos came out with some really brilliant colors. I do believe that this was my best day shooting underwater. Practice does make perfect!

My dive buddy for the day, descending to the wreck.

Turtle! You can see his/her identification tag on the left front fin.

I loved how this little bit of coral was growing on the rope.

A self portrait just before I left the beautiful Barbados waters for the last time.


  1. Beautiful photos Amy!

  2. what kind of camera did you use ?